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SES/TES Power Regulator

New Standard of Digital Power Regulator
  • Designed to select any control method suitable for all kinds of loads and circumstances.
  • For TES product, one three phase product or three single phase products can be selected on ordering to maximize space.
  • Possible to read and write through PSD(PARA SMART DISPLAY) or communication function. And with just one PSD, every parameter and alarm can be selected for multiple SES/TES.
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Comprehensive control

  • Designed to use any kind of control method(Zero-crossing, phase-angle, current feedback, voltage feedback, power feedback) suitable for different type of load.
  • Customer can select control method any time and at any place.

Powerful communication function

  • RS-485 communication is basically installed and read and write is possible through communication.
  • Maximum 128units can be connected.
  • Maximum 115,2000bps is allowed for MODBUS(RTU) protocol.

Smart partial load failure detect

  • With simple switch on/off, partial load failure can be easily set and precisely detected.
  • Partial load failure detect is to find out load failure partially on parallel loads.
  • Auto-tuning function for partial load failure is to obtain each feature of different load for precise detection.

Alarm history

  • Last 6 alarms are saved to check out type of alarm easily.
  • Even main power is cut off by alarm function, alarm history is saved for better maintenance and user’s convenience.

Convenient parameter setting by PSD

  • All parameters and alarms are selected by PSD or RS-485 communication.
  • Through selecting parameters and alarms, the usage can be optimized at different circumstances.
  • Multiple SES/TES products under the same condition and same rated current, all parameters and alarms can be selected with only one PSD using COPY&PASTE function. This is to save time and money. And if you connect PSD to any of SES/TES product, you can check out the status of product immediately.