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P-TYPE Power Regulator

Digital power regulator’s Steady Seller !!
  • It has been a steady seller since its first launching in 2000 with long experience and know-how.
  • It has also been a best seller product for last 16 years on customer’s
    great reputation on stability and reliability by its perfect control at
    any circumstances.
  • Easy and economical maintenance and compact design are another
    reasons to be loved by all the customers even one-time user.
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Domestic first digital power regulator

  • Domestic first digital power regulator with micro-processor.
  • Increased stability, accuracy and reliability comparing to existing analogue power regulator.
  • It has been a best seller since its inauguration of 2000 and widely used in many important facility such as semi-conductor,
    LCD and PDP lines domestically and abroad.

Domestic first digital power regulator with patent technology.

  • There was a prejudice that zero-crossing control is not accurate because it starts and ends at zero point before
    we launched digital power regulator.
  • For control accuracy, all products PARA-ENT is now producing have compensation algorithm for zero-crossing control.
  • Compensation algorithm is to compensate output according to input signal. For example, when output should be 1.2 cycle against input signal, zero-crossing can express 1cycle but can not express 0.2cycle because it always starts and ends on zero point. Thus, compensation algorithm accumulates this unexpressed 0.2 and allows 1 cycle when this accumulated balance becomes 1.

Domestic first digital power regulator with display

  • Digital power regulator displaying its status, each alarm message and output current improves visibility and user’s convenience for maintenance.
  • This alarm message displaying the exact part to be checked saves extra time to be wasted on analogue power regulator.