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MULTI Power Regulator

Three in One Digital Power Regulator
  • Three single phase controllers in one unit to save space and expense.
  • Operated by one temperature controller(output is same) or three temperature controllers(separate operation). And also used as one three phase regulator(Only on three-phase four-wire system)
  • With high accuracy, stability and reliability.
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Three in One

  • One unit including three single phase regulators saves space.
  • Suitable for multiple power regulators or SSR’s.
  • Different control method or different rated current can be mixed up.
  • Capable to be used three single phase regulators or one three phase regulator(Three phase four wire system)
  • Operated by three temperature controllers or just one temperature controller.

Saving expense and space

  • More economical and more spacious than three single phase regulators.

Accuracy, Stability and Reliability

  • Accuracy is enhanced by compensation algorithm comparing to different regulators.
  • Long experience and know-how for digital technology since its first domestic digital power regulator allows it to be placed on the top of stability and reliability.