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Quality Innovation

Other companies can copy the shape and mimic the functions of PARA-ENT’s
products but can not follow its advanced technology and philosophy.

PARA-ENT has been accumulating know-how’s on design, production and
A/S for Korean first Digital power regulator since its foundation of 2000.

There are some companies who are trying to copy PARA-ENT’s shape or functions of
products and even succeed in making their product look similar to PARA-ENT’s
but never even look after its far advanced technology and customer oriented philosophy.
Only perfect products are allowed to release
after throughout quality control for each product.

Only perfect products successfully qualified from all tests,
PCB inspection – aging – individual I/O check and final quality control can be released.

A database from all these inspections can also help following-up control perfect.
PARA-ENT is always satisfying customers
with continuous quality innovation and new product.

PARA-ENT has the more patents ever than any other power regulator manufacturers in
Korea due to endless effort for quality innovation for customer’s satisfaction.

Restless technology development and new products leads PARA-ENT at the top of
power electronic industry and make it possible to differentiate
from other competitors which are just following suit without any effort and expense.

Now PARA-ENT makes for all over the world.
PARA-ENT’s products are being exported to more than
30 countries all over the world including China, Japan,
VietNam, Italy, Poland, Hungary and so on.
Now PARA-ENT is expanding power electronic
territory through exporting power regulators
which Korea imported from abroad.